So first world problem here. And CoD problem. check your hate at the door lol.

I went to my local gamestop to see if they needed my help for the midnight release (I helped the last 2 years). And come to find out there IS no midnight release. They aren't allowed to do them. Did this become a recent thing? Nope. They found out 2 months ago which has me extremely pissed off. They should've emailed all who preordered when they found out so everyone had the opportunity to transfer their preorders. Those of us who got Hardened and Care Package editions got the hose because we can't get them until tomorrow at 10am. I know, I know. 10 measly hours isn't going to kill me. But I genuinely enjoy the midnight releases. Helping out, kicking it with people. It's genuinely a fun thing for me to do. I really am glad to see them lose business over it. Many people are actually transferring their preorders and a lot are even just cancelling them to go to other stores (other gamestops, targets, best buys, etc). I do intend to go to our local township and the outlet mall's offices tomorrow to raise some hell. Mostly because of how piss poor this entire situation was handled.

So I am pretty pissed about it. Venting is good for the soul.


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